[Wolves] Looking for some reassurance.

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 14:09:44 BST 2006

If anyone can provide advice/info on the below please?

Just like to check my understanding before I go and do something silly 

I'm about to completely upgrade my machine with a new install of SuSE 10.1 (if 
the second CD downloads correctly this time.)

I have an external hard disk that I'm going to use to keep a copy of my old 
files and folders, because it's formatted as FAT32 I intend to create a 
tar.zip archive of my entire home directory.  This should capture all the .* 
files and contents and preserve them?

Once the new install is complete I don't intend to blanket uncompress all of 
the contents, I just want to make sure I haven't left anything behind.

Is this a reasonable approach and should I be aware of any issues/pitfalls in 
trying this?

Pete Evans

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