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Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 16 21:30:38 BST 2006


I recently posted a question on list about connecting an Acer laptop via dialup and the problems I was having with it. I updated the laptop to SUSE 10.1. I had no success with connecting a usb modem or a hardware modem (via a serial port converter to usb) that I know works with Linux. 

I had a bluetooth modem instead and it seems to be recognised ok and I am getting very close to getting it working. The way I understand it is I need to get the rfcomm.conf file edited correctly and then tell Kinternet or KPPP the address of the  modem which I understand should be /dev/rfomm0?

Has anyone on the list tried something like this and what success have they had? I did a lot of searching on the net and all are about using mobile phones, but I suppose the procedure is the same?

If I can get this working would be a real success for Linux. My father-in-law is currently using the bluetooth via windows to connect to the internet :-(  He is just as annoyed about it because he loves his Linux :-)

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciate it. 



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