[Wolves] there is a post for this weeks meeting

Chris chris at robotninja.net
Mon Apr 23 22:24:18 BST 2007

Ron Wellsted wrote:
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> David Morley wrote:
>> there is a post for this weeks meeting but if you want to sign up here
>> you can.
> I don't think it got through, so from the archive:
> 25 April 2007, 19:30:00
> Moon under water, 53-55 Lichfield St, Wolverhampton
> Operation Turn UP! Eat, Drink, Be merry and talk all things OS.

(First post - hello, I'm Chris, new to LUGs and moderately new to Linux, 
etc etc etc.)

Does one need to be a "member" of WolvesLUG to come to the meetings? I'm 
completely new to this whole thing so I really don't know what if 
anything needs to be done, registered, and so on.



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