[Wolves] PHTML?

Andy Smith andy at lug.org.uk
Mon Aug 6 15:08:44 BST 2007

Hi Philip,

On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 03:00:32PM +0100, Philip Harper wrote:
> I've seen the extension .PHTML used recently on one site and I'm 
> intrigued as to what this is as I haven't come across it before.

It is commonly just an alternative for ".php".  File extensions are
only a convention in URLs as how they are processed and what kind of
data they return is determined by the web server setup.

> The only real reference I can find on google is a library that 
> encrypts/protects PHP scripts, not sure why you would want to do this 
> though, as to actually get the PHP source for a script an attacker would 
> need to actually have access to the server side anyway?

I don't think that this is what you are seeing, but such programs
are generally used in a misguided attempt to distribute a script
language without giving access to the source.


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