[Wolves] ASP?

Philip Harper ph004h7245 at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Aug 14 11:52:36 BST 2007

Actually it looks like Sun have bought it, "java'd it" and are now 
selling licenses to use it:-


Yeah, I know about ASP.NET (and other .NET languages, I used to be a 
VB/VB.NET developer), but I want to avoid MS technologies, as I only 
really want to use LInux servers.

Interesting how MS are giving away ASP.NET for free and Sun are charging 
for their offering....though I assume you need a windows web server to 
run ASP.NET on, and that's how they make their money.

David Goodwin wrote:
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> Philip Harper wrote:
>> As part of my research into technologies I don't know much about, I'm
>> now looking at ASP.  Has anyone used ASP (ChilliASP on Linux maybe)?  Is
>> it worth using?  Does it have any advantages over PHP?
> I guess the integration with windows is the only advantage to .asp; but
> then php has http://uk.php.net/com anyway.
> I've not heard anything recently (last 4-5 years) about ChilliASP, so
> either it's a completed product and does everything, or it's an outcast
> and no one talks about it, or it's rubbish.
> If you want to look into new stuff, look at C# / ASP.net etc.
> David.
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