[Wolves] VMWare etc. Thanks, I would like to stay with you. Let's leave early and catch the bus.

Oouc oouc at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 08:53:18 BST 2007

Thank you for the invitation.  I would like to stay with you rather than 
rushing to Bham and paying 15 GBP.  We will leave early and catch the bus 
to your place.

VMWare is supposed to be very easy to install but I hope someone can 
add to my knowledge.  I have Windows software from Sony and another 
software for a GPS.  Both clearly say on the package that they will 
not work on dual boot machines.  That has been my experience thusfar.  
When I wipe my laptop and use windows xp only they both work without 
a problem.  As soon as I multi-boot neither one will work at all.

Java runs on my multi-boot but I missed something in installing from 
Sun.  Ubuntu recommends I install directly from them.  This should 
be really easy but I am always much more productive when working with 
a partner or a team if anyone wants to work with me on this.  You do 
not have to be an expert just interested to be very helpful.

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