[Wolves] Please Don't......

Alastair Battrick al at aj8.org
Mon Aug 20 19:46:08 BST 2007

Adam Sweet wrote:
> The second, as Andy illustrated (being the sysadmin of
> the box that this list runs on), is that posting
> attachments means that the server has to deliver that
> attachment to all of the list members, including
> retries and bounces. Which, as he points out, created
> a 650MB spike in bandwidth usage, which none of us
> have paid for, but somebody has to. This is why
> Suntish posted it twice. The load on the server caused
> by the first one slowed the system down for every
> mailing list on the box (which is pretty much every
> LUG in the UK) and meant that it wasn't delivered
> promptly for anyone.

In that case, I suggest the list admin implements a ban on attachments 
over a desired size threshold
Alastair Battrick

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