[Wolves] Okay Let's Put This One To Bed

Dave Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 12:21:56 BST 2007

If you want to link to amazon etc for a great book for people to buy
that's fine.  My apologies this was not explained well.  However linking
to content that is not free (ie copyrighted) but you have found an
illegal pdf of etc, that is a no no.

If you find free content that you think would be of use to everyone
please link to it rather than add it as an attachment.  However if it is
a pdf and you don't have web space have a word with myself or Ron about
adding it to the wiki then you can link to it that way from the mailing

I hope that has cleared up my earlier Mail and made things more clear.

Myself and Ron and anyone else that wants to volunteer time will be
making improvements to the main wolves site as we have ideas and time.
One of the pages I think will be a well written does and don'ts for
mailing lists but we shall see.

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