[Wolves] Forced to ditch Linux

James Dalley j.dalley at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Aug 26 23:06:18 BST 2007

> Hash: SHA1> > James Dalley wrote:> >> Kevanf1 wrote:> > Ok, so he's done his jail time.  If he's done his> >> time then surely he> > has now paid his price for the crime he> >> committed.> > Well no, the jail time was only half of his> >> punishment. The other half> is five months home imprisonment, which> >> I guess means that he has to> submit himself to monitoring by the> >> government, including where he goes> (if he's allowed out), what he> >> does, and how he uses his computer.> > > Nobody is saying> > that> >> what he did is wrong least of all me.  I still say it is cruel> >> >> and unusual.  Wouldn't you feel that it was cruel to be forced to> >> use> > Windows?> > Not really. It's not like the judge thought "ooh> >> I see you like Linux,> well I'm going to spoil your fun and make> >> you use Windows". He's> required by the terms of his sentence to> >> run the monitoring program> provided, and if he doesn't want to run> >> it then I'm sure he's more than> welcome to go back to jail.> > >> >> Agreed he ought to be barred entirely from using a PC if> > that is> >> part of his punishment.  However, the fact is he is allowed to> >> >> use a PC so he should also be allowed to choose the method of> >> usage> > i.e. the operating system.  By being forced to only use> >> Windows the> > judge has put this person at risk of being a victim> >> of other criminals> > due to the insecure nature of Microsoft> >> software.> > Okay I'm sorry but that's just FUD, and I think you're> >> blowing the> "dangers" of MS software waaaaay out of proportion ;-)> >> Considering that> the guy in question was running a bittorrent> >> tracker site, I'm sure that> he's more than technically capable of> >> securing a Windows desktop PC.> > Chris> - --The only reason he> >> will be out of jail is if he agreed to be monitored, if not he> >> would be finishing of his sentence in prison. Shame there is no> >> linux compatible monitoring software, but there is only one> >> community that can start to alter that.If he was that much of a> >> FOSS advocate he would finish his sentence in jail as a protest...> >> (i know I wouldn't!!).What if the guy was convicted of sharing pics> >> of kids??Nice one,Jay> > _________________________________________________________________ > > Feel like a local wherever you go with BackOfMyHand.com > > http://www.backofmyhand.com> > > > > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------> > > > > > _______________________________________________ Wolves LUG mailing> > list Homepage: http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/ Mailing list:> > Wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk Mailing list home:> > https://mailman.lug.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/wolves> > James,> > Just a heads-up - don't know whether it was your mail client or a server> it passed through on the way, but something's mangling your email> somewhere down the line :-)> > Cheers,> > Chris>  Unfortunatly where I am I have only access to Hotmail which sends email as HTML, so Linux clients seem to have a problem with it, Sorry.Jay
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