[Wolves] Forced to ditch Linux

Mark Harrison Mark at yourpropertyexpert.com
Tue Aug 28 10:33:20 BST 2007

Chris Fox wrote:
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> Mark Harrison wrote:
>> You may suggest it, but, realistically, if someone came into my house 
>> asking for permission to boot one of my PCs into a different O/S from a 
>> pen drive, then I'd say "No".
> Why not? What possible damage would it do that they couldn't do with the
> existing OS?
I don't know... and that's the point.

I've not reviewed the Damn Small Linux source code. I have only the word 
of people I've never met for what it does, some of whom tell me it's 
safe, others of whom tell me that it has the potential to access the 
hard disk on my machine bypassing the O/S level security currently 
protecting said disk.

I'm happy for people coming to my house to use my wireless connection, 
or a web browser (Firefox) on one of my PCs, or can provide them with an 
ethernet cable giving them Internet access if they can't use Wifi - one 
friend of mine works for a large company - their VPN software doesn't 
work over wireless connections, only wired, (deliberately disabled, 
since they consider it a security hole) and before you laugh at their 
lack of IT skills, bear in mind that they invented quite a few of the 
technologies in question so probably know more about them than you or I :-)


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