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James Dalley j.dalley at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Aug 31 23:14:22 BST 2007

> On 31/08/2007, stephen welch <stephenwelch at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi, I am guessing that some of the people on this list work at the
> > university and I was wondering if any of you could provide a contact name so
> > I can discuss sandwich placements and possible final year ICT projects for
> > students with a view to setting something up with my company.
> >
> > Any help will be appreciated as so far I am encountering switchboard hell
> > the minute.
> >
> > Stephen
> >
> It sounds like you need to speak with somebody from SCIT.  I haven't
> worked at the Uni for over 7 yrs now but I do still have some
> contacts...  I'll see what I can find out :-)
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I'm just starting my 2nd year, what is it that your company does?
I know most of the department, what sort of area would you like students from?
There are specific degree's in:
Computer science
Web Computing
Mobile Computing
Software Engineering
Games Engineering

to name a few..
I know one of the staff subscribes to this list so he will probably read your mail.
I myself am looking for a placement in April, but am nearly 30 though.. :)

James D

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