[Wolves] Wolves LUG Christmas Quiz

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Sun Dec 9 21:41:51 GMT 2007

It's several years since I last did one of these, 
(http://mailman.lug.org.uk/pipermail/wolves/2003-April/001451.html), so 
it's probably about time for another one.

The questions are all computer related, but some of them are very 
obscure so will need some research.  All just a bit of fun.  Don't blame 
me if you end up wasting hours (or days!) visiting some very obscure 
corners of the internet.  Answers and results will be posted after the 
19th December 2007.

1.What improvement over RFC 1149 was offered by RFC 2549?

2.Who were the first group to implement RFC 1149?

3.Who/what does the term “scratch monkey” commemorate?

4.What were the programs “Robin Hood” and “Friar Tuck” used for?

5.What happens when the switch is flipped from “more magic” to “magic”?

6.What was the first computer bug?

7.How do you measure nuclear warhead yield using Ethernet cable?

8.What is a terminak?

9.What is important about the 3rd - 13th September 1752?

10.Approximately how long is a micro-fortnight?

11.What was the date of the first USENET posting from kremvax?

12.What was SAIL?

13.Who created and unleashed the Great Worm?

14.Where did TANSTAAFL come from?

15.What is the Utah Teapot?

16.What year did the “September that never ended” begin?

17.What is magic smoke used for?

18.What book was the origin of the “Endian”?

19.What is an ICBM address?

20.What type of computer was John Titor after?

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