[Wolves] My first look at vista

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 09:39:53 GMT 2007

The BBC did a run through of Vista on their Sunday  News 24  programme
'Click'.  This programme is notorious for brushing aside Linux by
saying it is pretty much irrelevant (my words).  They are generally
very pro Microsoft.  However, Vista got quite a sarcastic review
ending with a don't bother advisory.  There was reference to 'other'
operating systems doing everything and more that Vista does and doing
it properly.

I believe Microsoft have killed their goose this time as I am quite
horrifed at both the full and upgrade prices being asked for Vista:
and they are the discounted ones that I have seen!  Can people still
get the purchase price of Windows back if they do not use it if it is
already installed on a PC?  If you can then I might just treat myself
to a new laptop.  The lower ranges of laptop are no so cheap that
Vista must surely be taking up 99% of the price of one.  So, if I
could claim that money back I'd get a dirt cheap brand new laptop :-)
but I bet they've stopped that one.... :-(
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