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Steven Welton steven.welton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 13:10:09 GMT 2007

Hello all, this is my first post in the mail shot...I just moved to Dudley
from Kent (I'm from Portsmouth originally, then an East End Londoner!), and
was looking for a local group.  I'm going to come down to the group meeting
next week and hopefully learn a lot!  I have dabbled in Linux on and off for
about 4 years, but I've never fully taken the leap.


I was recently inspired by the XGL environment when a mate showed me a
youtube video of someone with this installed on a touch screen machine, and
it really puts all other GUIs to shame!  I am mainly an OS X user, and have
staunchly supported Apple since my first G4 in 1999 (although I was working
on them from the mid 90s).  I use win XP on 2 machines at home, and really
want to move over to Linux as a main OS, and then only keep windows xp in a
boot partition for compatability.


So, next question, what distro?  I am keen on Suse 10.2 and Ubuntu.  I have
edubuntu installed on a G4 for my kid, he seems pretty happy with it (he's
7, I'm 34)


I run a music studio and want a stable fast OS for audio recording (multiple
stereo audio streams into a sequencer), as I use a notebook for composing
(Dell)  My main music workhorse is a iMac intel 20", running Logic pro,
which I love and won't change as I know it inside out, but for portability I
want a fast stable Linux OS to rely on for MP3 deejaying and using Ableton
live (is there a Linux port of that???)


Anyway, that's enough for now or I'll have nothing to say at the meeting!


Please be gentle, I'm not a noob but I'm no master at Linux, and any Apple
aficionados amongst you have a new friend!


Cheers for reading, regards, Steve.

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