[Wolves] Giving up on SUSE 10.2....

Steven Welton steven.welton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 15:57:14 GMT 2007

I installed this OS today in a dual boot with Win XP Pro...all went
swimmingly.  So, my first aim is to get the XGL desktop environment running.
But can I do it?  I'd be better of trying to plait fog!


To ease me into Linux, I really need an OS similar to the Mac OS X or Win XP
pro.  I just want to download stuff, execute it and it all go in the right


I've been arseing about with this all day, and I'm on the point of
formatting and trying another distro...any suggestions (I have just
downloaded all the latest DVD Linux distros of
Ubuntu/Kubuntiu/Xubunto/Edubuntu & SUSE to experiment, and I'll try


Thanks for looking, see ya!

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