[Wolves] oh for the good old days.

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Fri Feb 16 16:30:23 GMT 2007

I have four machines:
Machine A runs VMWare ESX server and claims to have
one processor and 256MB RAM
Machine B runs windows and claims to have 3.5GB ram
and 4  processors
Machine C runs Linux and claims to have 4 processors.
Machine D runs windows and cliams to have 2

In reality machines A and B both have 2 3GHz Xeon
processors (single core afaik) and 5GB ram, machine C
has one (single core) processor and was never even
produced in a quad core config, and machine D is
single processor.

And the disks are mixtures of RAID1 and RAID5, some
internal, some SAN, some NAS, so god only knows how
much disk space they'll report.

Then of course theres my "12U full depth" rack, that 
is actually 2cm shorter then the servers so most of
the rack mounting rails are too big to fit in and when
you manage to get tservers into it they stick out the
back. It has a door catch in preceisly the wrong place
so you cant get servers in to a 3U section of it, and
has a door frame that is 1mm too high so the bottom 1U
is unusable unelss youy're willing to shave a fraction
off the bottom of the machine. This means I now have a
2U server and 1.9U gap to fit it in

The only benefit to this rack is the razor sharp edges
that mean all our machines now have cool, blood red
stripes down the side. 

Dont you long for the good old days when processors
were processors and sysadmins were glad about it?

When installation duties to be done,
       to be done 
A sysadmins life is not a happy one,
       happy one!

Must stop now cos I'm feeling a little faint...


p.s. Is it coincidence that the person who specified
all this kit is on holiday?

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