[Wolves] Offer: Digital Alpha Server 800 5/400

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Fri Feb 16 19:32:00 GMT 2007

Adam Sweet wrote:

> Either you can collect from my house by car or wait
> for the show and tell at the next meeting assuming I
> can make it and I will bring it and you can take it
> home with you.
> I'll have to see if I can dig out my ZX81 for the show
> and tell :)

Possible show-and-tell items from me if anyone's interested:

Sun 3/60 discless workstation
  See: http://sunstuff.org/hardware/systems/sun3/sun3/3-60/
  Probably not going to be bootable/usable on the day, due to
  server-side requirements I've never managed to get working. :(

Acorn StrongARM RiscPC
  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risc_PC
  Might even get ARMLinux running on it if I can still find the
  hard disc with it on.

Various Acorn Archimedes, A3000 and BBC Master Compact, set up as Econet
fileserver and stations (old-school retro).
  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acorn_Archimedes



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