[Wolves] Job Opportunity #2 for Linux Sysadmin

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 12:21:54 GMT 2007

I have been asked to pass this job on. It isn't within
my company, so sadly you won't be working with me.

It is as a Linux sysadmin in Warwick, up to £34k per
annum based on experience with private healthcare and
other benefits. They are looking for someone with
excellent Linux specific systems administration
skills, plus some Windows Active Directory knowledge
for supporting their legacy system, but this is
specifically a Linux role as they are building all of
their new systems on Linux.

I believe this is the job advertisement:


If it isn't, then the contact details are the same.
Alex seems to be a good guy so please contact him. It
is up to you whether you mention that I asked you to
get in touch (I get nothing out of it!), but it may
help identify the job if I have provided the wrong




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