[Wolves] 4OD

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Feb 25 09:07:14 GMT 2007

On 2/24/07, baza <baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> Has anyone worked out how to get that Channel Four, 4oD thingy to work
> with linux yet?

You're likely to be out of luck. After some lying about my browser's
user agent I got to download the Windows executable from the Channel4
website, but Wine won't run it -- it goes away to fetch  .NET 2.0 and
fails. Even if it did work, I'd be pretty shocked if .NET 2.0 worked
under Wine. It's possible that, if you can get it installed, you could
use Mono to run the app itself, but Mono's .net 2.0 support is ropy,
and the app requires both IE and Windows Media Player anyway. It might
be possible to reverse-engineer the app to see how it talks to
channel4.com and then use VLC or similar to do that, but I imagine it
uses WMV10 format videos with DRM and nothing on Linux as yet will
play them anyway. So I believe you are SOL on this front. Sorry!


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