[Wolves] BBC & Winows DRM - shouldn't we complain?

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 22:56:16 GMT 2007

dave h wrote:
>> Do we believe that musicians own the music they create and have a right
>> to control its distribution? If so, then 'free software DRM' would be OK.
>> Or is music like software and once you've written it you must give it
>> away and try to make a living by selling the service of performing it?
>> This question has been troubling me for some time because I can't see
>> the difference between software and music/content. They both take
>> creativity, time and money (or lost earnings) to create.
> A prostitute provides a service, a musician provides a creation (providing 
> he/she is writing his/her own music).  The confusion between whores and 
> musicians is easily explained given the number of outrageous pimps that the 
> music industry plays home to these days and the similarity between the two 
> professions, both largely placed upon them from others who seek to control, 
> and profit from, their actions.
I agree but is someone who writes software a prostitute or a musician?

Is someone who mixes music being creative or just doing maintenance?

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