[Wolves] Open Office org question..

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Jan 9 09:35:26 GMT 2007

--- James Turner <james at turnersoft.co.uk> wrote:
> Just tried:
> ooffice -help
> The list of options suggests:
> ooffice -nodefault
> ("don't start with an empty document") ...but this
> seems to cause the program 
> to run without opening any window at all. (what I'd
> expect from -invisible 
> or -headless).
> Now when I just do:
> ooffice
> it opens a minimal window with a plain grey
> background - no document open. Not 
> sure if it used to do this before - I could have
> sworn it opened Writer. 
> Anyone else have any success with these options?
> Regards,
> James

The help files within ooffice (2.0.4) say 
"-nodefault Starts without displaying any window."

but as you say the command line help disagrees.

Judging by mine and James experience, from the command
prompt try:
ooffice -nodefault
when the splash screen disappears kill ooffice with
control-c then start ooffice normally and see what
default document it starts with.

I've no idea how you get the default document back,
but thats a problem for another day :)

I suspect the nodefault option should open without a
document and the general weirdness in the behaviour of
this option is a bug in ooffice.


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