[Wolves] Fri^WSaturday Fun

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 20:32:49 GMT 2007

I love Brasero the new boy dvd/cd burning app.

1.  It is clean and the bits that work so far work well.
2.  It's interface is far more friendly than that of K3B which was the
only other really decent open source burning app.
3.  It is quicker than K3B by far imo.  (just set it as the default
burning app in gnome and double click an iso image and bang the click
here to burn dialogue is presented)


1.  It isn't feature complete not by a long shot. (fortunately it is
getting there)
2.  It doesn't yet have the range of options you get used to with K3B
ie buring vcd, dvd video's etc.
3.  It's a gnome app now which means it might get too simplified and
that could become it's downfall (please don't do it, there's always an
element of complexity with a burning app)

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