[Wolves] Re: List [Howard and Gareth]

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Tue Jan 30 20:58:06 GMT 2007

The Moon Under Water, 53-55 Lichfield Street,

Featuring Drink, eat and be merry. But mostly yack about Linux.

1. Me
2. and me (Chris Procter)
3. Me also (ron)
4. Me too (David - No Kat - niece sitting)
5. and him (Paul)
6. Moi aussi (Howard) and new interested party Gareth- AKA Political 
7. Also featuring me (James) (D)!
8. and that one who get eaten by a croc in Episode 22 (Alex)


No shows
1. Aq. Gotta be in Cambridge for work :(
2. Ad. Got responsibilities this week.

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