[Wolves] USB to serial cable

Broadfield Robert BroadfieldR at walsall.gov.uk
Tue Jul 3 14:04:10 BST 2007

One possible solution is to borrow a laptop with a serial port.  Some time back Ron gave away a few of these beasts.  I managed to get DSL (Damn Small Linux) loaded onto the one I had but have found little use for it since.  Dave (Lugmaster) also had one - I'm sure he said that he managed to get xubuntu installed on his.

I'm happy to lend you mine but you will need to keep it fed with a mains supply (Ron mentioned that we couldn't trust the batteries).


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Hi all

This has been doing my nut in for a few weeks so I
thought I'd turn it over to you.

Can anyone recommend an affordable USB to serial
cable, which is supported by the Linux USB Serial
drivers so I can configure Cisco routers and other
serial consoles from a Linux laptop which has only USB

I bought one and discovered that it wasn't supported
even though it appeared to be. I've searched around
and they seem to be from either the USA or something
like £28 which seems stupid to me and I still can't be
sure they're supported. Special prize (ie nothing more
than temporary gratitude ;) goes to someone who can
tell me where to get it from.

And the moon on a stick.




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