[Wolves] wordpress question

Political Penguin fish at politicalpenguin.org.uk
Wed Jul 4 22:05:11 BST 2007

I'm assuming you mean the header banner image.  You will find it in the 
images folder of the specific theme that you are using.  The route to 
this file if for example you are using the default kubrick template will 
be this:


FTP to this file.  Download it.  Edit it with whatever image editing 
software you fancy and upload it again.  Remembering of course not to 
change the filename otherwise it won't work.

Any problems, feel free to get back.


baza wrote:
> Which file do I need to edit to change the graphic at the top of the 
> blog? I'm assuming it's one of the theme's files, but which?
> Baz

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