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Mon Jul 9 10:09:43 BST 2007

On 08/07/07, Andy Wootton <andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> I understand that blind people are given a discount on the TV licence
> because they are not able to take advantage of the visual  component of
> the BBC's service. In these commercially focused times perhaps we should
> just be asking for a licence rebate because we have been disadvantaged
> by the BBC's decision. Why should we fund a service that we cannot use?

Nice thought but it's already been tried by people who don't have
digital boxes.  Part of the license fee goes towards paying for the
digital upgrade and none digital customers don't get a rebate.

I think the gentle bombarding approach would work the best.  Send in
e-mails asking why Linux and other similar platforms are not yet
provided for.  It's possibly going to be a similar situation as the
one we have faced for years with manufacturers of hardware and no
device drivers for Linux et al.  The more people who ask for the
service on the Linux platform the more likely we are to get it.  If
nobody asks then how will they know that there is a demand?

Don't take it to the tip recycle it via the Freecycle(r) Network.

For a group near to you look here:

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