[Wolves] Thunderbird quoted text collapse

Chris Fox chris at robotninja.net
Wed Jul 11 07:20:42 BST 2007

Alex Willmer wrote:
> Since I began using Thunderbird 2.0 I've been pretty impressed. One 
> behaviour has been bugging me: it collapses quoted text in replys.
> Anyone know how to turn this off. I've drawn a blank in the options 
> dialog and about:config, plus googling failed me.


It's far too early for me but is this what you're after?

"The Quote Colors extension for Mozilla Thunderbird and the Mozilla Mail 
& Newsgroup client adds an user interface for configuring text and 
background colors for different quote levels when displaying messages 
(up to 5 levels currently).
The settings apply to mail and newsgroups messages, either in plain text 
or HTML. For graphical quoting (HTML style) you can adjust the 
appearance of the borders around the quoted paragraphs. Some other basic 
message options are available, too."




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