Forked Lug Meet Lists (was RE: Fwd: Re: [Wolves] LIST)

chris at chris at
Tue Jul 17 12:57:52 BST 2007

"* This isn't the first time this has happened (two people posting at the same
time thinking they are next on the list - with the side affect that one person
may get left off).  Possible solution is that we confirm attendance (or not) 
logging into a web page and clicking a radio button and adding a comment.  The
list could then be updated and an e-mail posted to the list.  Maybe a bit of 
linked to a small file/database might suffice (sorry, I don't know much about
how this can be done).  Anyone agree?  Could anyone set this up?"

(Apologies, terrible webmail client doesn't really understand plain-text email and won't properly quote. sorry. the above was from Rob.)


Personally I don't think that the lists getting fragmented in that way makes too much of a difference beyond it being a small irritation. To me, the main point of the list thread is to create a nice flurry of activity on the list in the few days before a meet, which will hopefully prod people into attending.

Unless it's a venue with a limited capacity (or costs involved), maintaining an accurate list of who's signed up and in which order doesn't seem to be particularly essential...

If people are interested, upcoming does have this "yes i am/no im not" functionality but we'd all have to sign up; I also notice that new events are just being added to the site and not to upcoming. Does anyone have any experience with


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