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Chris Fox wrote:
> David Morley wrote:
>> I think part of the problem is that the list is in both single and
>> bulk content.  People replying to the single mails and it comes
>> through fine on the bulk though it gets referenced.  Plus we just
>> update the website so we don't need upcoming anymore because yet again
>> wolflug account seems to of been denied access. Plus it is now
>> yahoo/msn <> :)
> (blimey, is getting further and further away from Rob's original point,
> sorry!)
> I don't really think that yahoo's purchase of upcoming really makes much
> difference either way, but if there are problems using it then it's fair
> enough.
> However, I think that we should consider publishing the LUG meetings on
> - it could be a good way of allowing people to find us who
> don't necessarily know what a LUG is. A quick search for "linux" in
> Wolverhampton, Great Britain comes up with thirteen people who have put
> their name forward wanting to be notified when a Linux Meetup near
> Wolverhampton starts. There are also smaller lists of people awaiting
> meetups specifically for RedHat, Debian and other related topics.
> If it's what people want, I'd be happy to set it all up on behalf of the
> LUG.
> Any thoughts?
> Chris

The problem with Upcoming was that they kept on de-activating account
and changing things without any warning.  This kept breaking the script
that updated the home page automatically. has a problem in that they want a fee to set up an account
($12/month fair enough, hosting/bandwidth costs money) but they don't
tell you this until you try to set it up!

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