[Wolves] Poisoning pigeons in the park and other healthy outdoor activities

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 02:35:21 BST 2007

To clear up a point of debate..

"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" features on the album "An Evening
(Wasted) With Tom Lehrer", and is written and performed by the
aforementioned Tom Lehrer.

For lyrics see:

Other topics of conversation this evening included our old favourite of
bomb-making, plus several more unusual: Herring gulls that fly
backwards, electrocution of sheep and pigs, techniques potentially
useful for committing burglary, the life-cycle of domestic cattle,
practical jokes involving fork-lift trucks, how to use an Aga oven to
revive hypothermic lambs and various methods for the torturing of boy
scouts... oh, and Linux (albeit slightly).

All just a typical LUG meeting really,



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