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Mo Awkati wrote:
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> Hi
> Sorry for delay in responding just got back from work. We are not allowed to access our private email boxes from work.
> Many thanks for all the advice and pointers, links and tips. With the help you have given me I can sort most things now.
> The RealPlayer was about watching BBC video streaming. Obviously I would prefer to use native Linux apps. :-)
> Much appreciated
> Mo

Hi Mo,

How about writing it up and 1/ postin on the wiki
<http://www.wolveslug.org.uk/wiki/> and giving a talk one night on your

Hi Ron 

Whilst not posted much on the list in many months does not mean I was sitting back!! People sometimes think I have a share in Linux, when I explain to them that it is free they don't believe me. The best selling ploy is to let one of your converts do the business for you!! :-)

On a serious note, I will put some thoughts on the wiki and see where it goes from there.


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