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Adam Sweet wrote:
> --- Mo Awkati <mawkati at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Thanks William for the tip on the software I'll go
>> and have a look. I understand where Andy is coming
>> from, I never do anything on my PC or anyone else's
>> without backing up the data first, like I said its a
>> cardinal rule. My colleague didn't wait for me to
>> find out how I can recover the data for him, he
>> immediately reinstalled windows ( I can't tell you
>> how I felt!). I am certain that if he opened gparted
>> the partition would have been there and he would
>> have been able to move the data to a stick or a dvd.
>> And now its all Linux's fault and my fault!!! 
>> Mo

If you have a XP install CD, I think there's a 'repair boot sector' tool 
on it. Worth a try.


I am seeing him tomorrow and I'll ask what happened. I purposefully today installed Ubuntu alongside XP to test things. Ad is right it did give you the option to use the whole disk but that is very clear (or at least I think it is) that the whole disk will be used. underneath the first option it gives further a option to partition the disk. I did it all and when booted the system I got the option to boot into Ubuntu or XP. I'll let you know what happened. 

I have learned a lesson: If I advise anyone then I will tell them in no uncertain terms to backup everything before they start messing about! 


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