[Wolves] Sick of M$

Wayne waynelists at machx.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 08:25:10 BST 2007

the.lock.keeper at ukonline.co.uk wrote:
> It gets everywhere.  Microsoft sure know how to market.  I just watched Click on
> the Beeb.  Most of the programme was about what Microsoft are doing with
> "schools of the future" (laptops/internet access via wi-fi and smartcards for
> recording attendance).  They are going overboard spending tons of money on a few
> "pilot schemes" in American schools with the aim of rolling these systems out
> worldwide.
> It seems that for many years to come children will be brought up knowing only
> one operating system.  No wonder M$ screen adverts to business showing their
> systems as "people ready".  Just one more example of the (imperfect) Market in
> which Linux competes.
> However, I had to laugh when tonight I also saw a PC World advert for anti-virus
> software stating that a third of PC's they repair have viruses on them.  I bet
> none of these were Linux machines.  This gives me a fiendish idea.  Why don't we
> rig up a Linux machine with an obvious fault and see how they get on with 
> repairing" it.
They'll have a simple answer to that - "Your PC was infected with the 
Linux virus, nasty thing but we got rid of it and
managed to get Windows working, that'll only be £100 Guv!"

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