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Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Tue Jun 5 19:21:13 BST 2007

Lincoln House Community Centre, Lincoln House, Tremont
Street, Wolverhampton, wv10 0jb, Wolverhampton

Talk to be given by the Venerable Barbie and team.

This is being posted early to try and raise as much
interest as possible.  If your a Lug member who
doesn't normally get to meetings why not make the
effort.  This will redoubtably be a meeting that is
both interesting and technical.


 1. Dave Morley
 2. Philip Harper
 3. Rob Broadfield
 4. Ad
 5. Chris F (maybe - depends on revision!)
 6. Ron (do we need projector/screen?)
 7. Barbie
 8. JJ
 9. chris "no, the other chris" procter
10. James (T.)
11. Alex


No Goes

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