[Wolves] Shooting yourself in the foot

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 12:18:57 GMT 2007

While perhaps not the best idea, demonstrating 
incompetence on an archived list, I wondered if anyone
else has some good stories.

My own well-told one is of using ifdown on a mchine
while SSHed in and also not being able to work out why
I couldn't talk to my home server for 3 months or so
until I realised I'd used a crossover cable to a
switch by mistake. These of course were a long time
ago when I was learning about Linux and networking in
my own time. No, that wasn't a lie :)

I also remember one told a by a popular (un-named) LUG
member who was a member of a team which used to leave
rm -rf /* at a shell prompt as a joke to startle
people when they woke the terminal up. This was
apparently funny until one team member used Enter to
wake up the terminal on a production machine. I think
it deleted boot, bin and half of dev by the time they
stopped it and they had to work out how to repair the

Anyone else care to step up and have tomoatoes thrown
at them? Feel free to say it was a friend of a friend
if you don't wish to compromise your future employer's
google searches about you :)




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