[Wolves] Shooting yourself in the foot

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 21:10:48 GMT 2007

I went to do a 'rolling upgrade' on a two-node cluster in a 
master/standby configuration. The plan was to upgrade the slave, fail 
over to the other node then upgrade the remaining machine. The nodes 
were side by side with a console terminal on top of each. I checked 
which was the live machine, checked the machine labels twice and ran the 
shutdown. routine on the slave. Once it was down and I'd made some 
necessary adjustments to the remaining node, I loaded the install media 
and pressed the reboot button. The phone rang.

The left hand terminal was the console for the right hand system because 
one of the power cables wasn't long enough. I'd rebooted the running system.

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