[Wolves] Free to good home

Adam Sweet adam at adamsweet.org
Tue Mar 13 09:49:21 GMT 2007

I'm clearing more stuff out.

Currently available are:

* 2 full length SCSI cards (I'd have to check what they are, Adaptec or
Intel I think).
* Several SCSI tape drives, various types. Some DDS1, some DDS2 and some
others by the look of them.

The above were given to me by Peter Cannon. He wasn't sure whether they
were working or not, I've never tried them.


* 1 or 2 oldish PS/2 keyboards. 1 without Windows key by design.
* 1 very tall (1m approx), cheap PC tower case (6 x CD slots, 2 x
floppy) . Needs new PSU, contains decent motherboard which is assumed
burnt out, 2 facts which are related. MB is Asus k7g I think, takes
Athlon XP, DDR RAM. Still have box and manual for motherboard.
* 1 very old 14" colour monitor. Bit like a goldfish bowl.
* Various old PCI graphics cards (2MB)
* Various 3Com ISA network cards
* Various ISA sound cards

* The 200 or so assorted Linux magazines are now at Tremont House should
anyone wish to collect them. The original collector never collected them.

* Possibly more stuff as I find it.




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