[Wolves] Web Hosting Control Panels and Virtual Servers

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 11:43:35 GMT 2007

Hi everyone

I'm looking at Web Hosting Control Panels such as
Plesk, cPanel and ISPConfig. I'd like to tie one of
these panels into a Xen hosting platform, or perhaps
Virtuozzo (made by the same people as Plesk).

Does anyone have advice or know of technical reasons
why what I plan to do isn't workable? A quick squizz
at the Plesk and ISPConfig manuals seem to indicate
that they work on a shared server with Plesk managing
the configuration, rather than dedicated virtual

Looks like to offer virtual servers in the way I was
thinking, we would need to either build the tools
ourselves or buy the commercial Xen package.

Thoughts from the more experienced?

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