[Wolves] LIST

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Thu Mar 29 10:35:19 BST 2007

> > I'll try and bang in a couple of shills for my book, though ;)
> I think there was more than a couple. Though the book signing, and rider
> request for moving the venue closer to his office was a bit over the
> top. We did call a halt to the blue smarties request ;)

Ahem! I did not do a book signing. I will cough to the venue being 100
yards from my office, but that was just luck :)

> Despite initial problems of my Windows XP laptop being too stupid to
> understand what USB was, the talk went really well. A nice introduction
> to DOM Scripting.

Why, thankyou, el Barbarino. In return I shall say that if any of you
are doing web stuff and aren't using Selenium for testing, which
Barbie spoke about, you probably should be.


<muntyan> what's the point in embedding emacs anyway? it's like
          embedding rocket ship into toyota camry

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