[Wolves] Unix Problem

Broadfield Robert BroadfieldR at walsall.gov.uk
Tue May 1 11:11:44 BST 2007

Hi Folks
Forgive me for this question being off topic (non-Linux) but I need your
help.  We currently run some software on an AIX Unix server.  This
software allows us to produce reports that are held on the user's spool
file.  However, the carriage returns at the end of each line aren't put
into the reports until they are physically printed out.  I know enough
to be able to ftp a copy of the spool file to my own machine but I'm
having to put the carriage returns in by hand.  I have put up with this
until now because I have only done this for a few short reports.
However, today I have to do the same with a quite lengthy report (it
will most likely take most of the day).
I may be missing something obvious, but is there a way of manipulating
the file in Unix so that I don't have to do this?
I'm hoping that those of you have Unix experience/background may be able
to help.
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