[Wolves] Unix Problem

Broadfield Robert BroadfieldR at walsall.gov.uk
Tue May 1 13:57:09 BST 2007

Thanks David

The version of AIX Unix (Korn shell) we use doesn't recognise dos2unix.
I've looked at the man pages for sed and it's quite complex.  Also,
there aren't any characters in the file for linefeeds - it just seems to
be a flat file.  I may try pasting into Ms Word and play about with page
width to try and get some result.

Thanks anyway


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> I may be missing something obvious, but is there a way of manipulating

> the file in Unix so that I don't have to do this?
> I'm hoping that those of you have Unix experience/background may be 
> able to help.

How about :

- dos2unix
- sed

I presume you mean the \r\n and \n linefeeds; or is something else used?


David Goodwin

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