[Wolves] Re: Unix Problem

Broadfield Robert BroadfieldR at walsall.gov.uk
Wed May 2 17:23:18 BST 2007

Thanks Guys
My employer's software of choice (apart from the Unix Server we use) is
M$ so I opened the file in Wordpad and tried pasting into Word and
altering the margins.  For both Wordpad and Word, this split the output
into lines but without the carriage returns I couldn't do anything with
it. Opening the file in Notepad, however, actually recognises the
linefeeds and this worked perfectly.  The ultimate aim was to paste into
Excel and change text to columns.  Result!  Job done in a few minutes!
I prefer to think that this problem is more related to the limitations
of Word & Wordpad (not recognising linefeeds) than anything else.
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