[Wolves] Re: Mobile phone, MP3, GNU/Linux to Richard Smedley & Political Penguin

Mark Ellse me at chaseacademy.com
Mon May 7 11:11:20 BST 2007

Some months ago I asked advice about mobile phones and Linux. I was then 
having trouble with my W800i. Some of the problems were clearly phone 
related - it would lock up frequently when playing back long recordings 
that I'd made on its own internal voice recorder.

Now I've just upgraded to a W810i, and I've found it behaves entirely 
reasonably if you drag things directly to the memory card using a card 
reader. Much easier and faster than using the designated Windows software.

Thanks for previous advice.


Richard Smedley wrote:
>> Most mobile phones use Windows software to transfer MP3 files to the 
>> phone. Are there any phones that I can use which just behave like a 
>> normal MP3 player where you can drag and drop to the phone as to a
>> USB disk?
> All the `phones I've had have worked perfectly normally with
> mount & cp. Last one was a Sony Ericsson K750i, which also
> had a VHF wireless for Radio 3 & 4. They're very good value
> atm, and the camera is quite good.
> But if you can wait a few months have a look at:
> http://openmoko.org/
>  - Richard

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