[Wolves] [INFO] How do you ssh around a router?

Chris Fox chris at robotninja.net
Tue May 8 11:56:56 BST 2007

David Goodwin wrote:
>> Depending on how you're planning to log in from public terminals (I'm 
>> assuming you're carrying an ssh client on a USB thumb drive or 
>> something similar), using public key authentication rather than just 
>> password checking might be more secure?
> I agree, but as I've said before, I personally find it far easier to 
> remember a password in my head than remember to carry around a thumb 
> drive !
> David.

Well you're definitely right, but IIRC most public (ie WinXP) terminals 
don't have an ssh client installed so a copy of PuTTY on a thumb drive 
might prove useful?


Chris Fox
chris at robotninja.net

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