[Wolves] [INFO] How do you ssh around a router?

baza baza41 at gmail.com
Tue May 8 22:03:53 BST 2007

James Turner wrote:
> Andy Smith wrote:
>> If you mean from outside, we would have to know more about your
>> network setup.  192.168.*.* addresses are not globally routable so
>> you would generally need to use NAT to forward a port on your router
>> to port 22 of for example.
> It may be worth considering forwarding from a non-standard port rather
> than port 22. The ssh command option to specify the port on the client
> end is -p <n>, or enter into the session dialogue box on PuTTY.
> Note: Security by obscurity is no security at all, but using a
> non-standard port should help screen out the "background noise" of
> automated password-guessing attacks, etc, should make any real attacks
> (if any) more obvious.
> Regards,
> James

I can recommend this approach. When I was using the 'standard' ssh port 
the number of 'brute force' password cracking attempts got to be a real 
pain, even though I use a 'three guesses an your domain is blocked' 
program. Since switching to a hidden port these attacks have dropped to 


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