[Wolves] LIST

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Tue May 8 23:18:37 BST 2007

Moon under water, 53-55 Lichfield St, Wolverhampton

Featuring Mostly drinking and talking linux :)

Okay People please add Yes or No at the end of your
name to signify if you want to go to the pie factory
next meeting 23/05/07

1/ Dave Morley  Yes
2/ New Chris (if assignment is finished in time) -
Yes to Pie Factory.
3/ Ron, Yes
4/ James, Yes
5/ Chris "there can be only one" procter [apparently I
dont have to go to Leeds tommorrow woo!] yes
6/ Alex "one can only be there" willmer, yes

No Goes
1/ Dave Goodwin, Yes
2/ Kat Goodwin, Yes
3/ Adam, Yes

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