[Wolves] ChrisP saw this and thought of you :)

Dan Jones djones9960 at gmail.com
Thu May 17 01:58:50 BST 2007

James Turner wrote:

>Philip Harper wrote:
>>Well, I'll be 29 next week, and I can remember when command lines and
>>text menus were all we had, anyone remember the command to load from the
>>5 1/4 drive on the commodore 64....it went something like load *, (list
>>of cryptic characters I can't remember)....
>It's been a while, but I believe:
>DLOAD "<filename>"
If you had that on the '64 you must have had a BASIC-extender or 
something, or a later drive (1571 perhaps?  I remember my 3rd-party 
Enhancer 2000 drive from Evesham behaved like a not-100%-compatible 
1541drive, and came with a mains pack from an Oric machine (honestly)).

Anyhoo, I didn't have that command.  The BASIC on the '64 was, well, crap.

...and that's me being generous.  :)

poke 53280,0 to set the background colour black, indeed...

>Will load the specified file from disc. (Short for "Disk load" of
>course). Alternately:
>LOAD "<filename>"[,<device>,[<load-action>]]
>LOAD "*",8,1
>* in the filename acts as a wildcard character, and specifying a
>filename of just * would load the first file stored on the device.
><device> should be 8 for floppy disc, defaults to using tape drive if
>absent. Load action of 1 will load to a memory address stored in the
>file's meta data, default behaviour is to use BASIC program workspace if

Even worse was the procedure to format disks:

open 15,8,15,"n0:<disk name>,<identifier>"
close 15

/Really/ transparent and easy to use.

Not.  OTOH, I actually really loved that machine.

I can't believe I still remember some of this stuff.  I wish someone 
would invent a Cache delete for the human brain sometimes.


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