[Wolves] Top (Ubuntu) Tip - Re-theme your "sudo" applications

Chris Fox chris at robotninja.net
Thu May 24 21:52:07 BST 2007

Hi all,

Spotted this in my RSS reader and thought I'd share it with the LUG:

"Ubuntu desktop users: If you're constantly creating "sudo" sessions in 
Nautilus (or other applications), it's very easy to confuse your sudo 
windows with your regular windows. This often results in accidentally 
opening read-only versions of your system files -- very frustrating! A 
quick way to visually separate your simultaneous sessions, is to assign 
a different theme to your sudo applications."


Obviously the purists and CLI addicts will slap my wrists for running 
GUI apps as root, but hopefully someone might find it useful.


Chris Fox
chris at robotninja.net

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