[Wolves] audio file format change

Chris Fox chris at robotninja.net
Sun May 27 15:48:18 BST 2007

baza wrote:
> Hi, what's the best Ubuntu package for converting audio files from say 
> .wav to .mp3 etc?
> Baz

i don't really know of a "universal" any_format to any_other_format GUI 
tool[1] but lame[2] will convert wav to mp3 at the command line, and a 
combination of grip[3] and lame is what i use to rip cds to mp3.


[1] as an aside, cross-encoding from one lossy format to another (say, 
mp3 to ogg vorbis) is apparently a Naughty Thing To Do(tm) because it 
results in pretty poor sound quality or something.
[2] http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/sound/lame
[3] http://nostatic.org/grip/, "sudo apt-get install grip lame" i think.

Chris Fox
chris at robotninja.net

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