[Wolves] wolveslug.org.uk website

Chris Fox chris at robotninja.net
Mon May 28 00:46:08 BST 2007

Ron Wellsted wrote:
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> I have taken over running and hosting the wolveslug.org.uk website. This
> is because Aq no longer has the time available to do the job.
> The transfer took place over the weekend and everything seems to have
> coome over with very little problems (3rd/4th time lucky with the planet
> wolves page!).
> If you find any problems, please let me know.
> Thanks are due to Aq for all his past work.

sounds great.

Ron, obviously i'm fairly new to the LUG but i'd like to get involved so 
if i can help with owt on t'website, give me a shout. I'm a bit rusty, 
but i know a bit of (x)html and css.


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